Feeding & Other Programs

Project Kenya works alongside public schools to provide lunch to children who cannot afford to purchase food. We also help provide clothing and shoes. We keep food (bags of rice and beans) in the office for families who need food. The families come to the office to pick up food or one of our staff members will deliver the food when visiting the home.



  • Add New School feeding sites as the funds are available

  • Assist more local churches to promote programs that provide outreach to feed the needy children and widows in their villages using the CHE model to promote ownership by the local church.  

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Medical Program

As needed we assist the children by providing them with medication and help families with hospital care and medical diagnostic care.  Medical care is always a challenge in Kenya, which drives us even more to establish the Community Health programs. 



  • Use the C.H.A.N.G.E. (Community health and national growth empowerment) program to set up a medical clinic, using young medical students to serve as clinical officers, offer training in U.S. standards of care. 

  • Continue training in schools on the topics of good hygiene, clean water, and sex education.

We have had the opportunity to host some of the leaders of C.H.E (Community Health Evangelism) last August in Nyeri Town. Jody and Francy visited with us. We had the pleasure of taking them to visit one of the schools using C.H.E and meeting the youth mentors teaching C.H.E. to schools and teachers. CMF has been a wonderful partner in helping to promote C.H.E. This method of teaching has helped many mission organizations all over the world teach communities how to work together to solve their problems, developing their communities and leading many toward Jesus Christ.

Micro Enterprise Program

We continue to grow micro-enterprise businesses to assist widows and orphan children. We have opened a Christain book shop. Included in the book shop is a coffee and tea counter. We are happy to report that three Bible studies are currently being held at the coffee shop each week. This is a great evangelistic tool.  Currently there are no Bible book stores in Nyeri Town; everyone must drive to Nairobi to purchase good Christian material. The profits from this shop will help fund the ministry in Kenya. 

Motorcycle Ministry

The motorcycle ministry is a new avenue to lead more people to Christ. Tim loves to walk the streets talking to the many motorcycle taxi drivers. They are very interested in starting a motorcycle ministry designed specifically for them. Tim would also like to use motorcycle safety courses to reach out to the motorcycle drivers. You can visit hospitals every day and find motorcycle accident cases. Many people do not reach out to this people group, but Tim feels comfortable reaching out to the motorcycle drivers.

Project Kenya Bible Camp

Project Kenya holds an anuual Vacation Bible school in Nyeri, Kenya.

Short Term Mission Team

We love to host mission teams to help with various ministry projects. Please consider joining us on a short term team.  Click Here for our contact form regarding your interest and we will be happy to mail you a packet with information about any upcoming trips. 


We know you will be a blessing to those you come to serve. 


Tim & Teri Hudson

Missionaries on the field. 

Tim & Teri Hudson

Team 2016

Church Planting

Project Kenya partners with local churches. We help to plant and empower new churches.

Non profit charities to help the children and people in Kenya Africa


A non-profit Christian organization dedicated to empowering Nationals to achieve freedom from poverty and disease

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